WOW!!!  How/why did I stop keeping the Ranch Chronicles up to date with everything that's been going on up at Red Hand???

Well ... I guess it's called life.  Very busy times.  For the most part it's all good.  In fact, even if it's bad, it's all good.  Guess it's the way you choose to live.  As long as you're on the side of the grass looking down, not up ... it's good.  Well enough arm chair psychology.  Soooooo, what's been going on?

I'll be jumping around a bit as I randomly recall the past few months, free form thinking at it's best!!!

Well the ranch has been slowly evolving into the vision that we had for the property when we originally purchased it.  The fields and pastures are becoming more productive through the continued plowing, tilling and discing of the soil.  We are hoping to re-seed the lower hay field with Timothy and clover.  Our neighbor Hank's grandson Eric is a very industrious young man and has approached me with his plans to increase the quality of our hay.  There is a current boom for quality feed hay to supply the growing beef farmers in our immediate area.  Due to the fact that our fields weren't used for years, our hay was not good quality for feed.  While dense and course (perfect for bedding material) it was nutritionally deficient for beefers to eat.  Poor feed = poor meat.  So this spring we should begin plowing, discing and seeding the new fields.  I can't wait.  The sights have already been amazing at the ranch with minimal cultivation having been done.  Now that we have sufficiently built up the infrastructure, the farming and plantings can begin in earnest.  The sites of farm equipment crawling along in our fields plowing, planting and harvesting are just beautiful to me.  The sounds and smells of farm country complete the bucolic setting.  Having grown up in the shadow of New York City, this is a wonder to behold.       


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