There has been so much work/construction going on up at Red Hand that I've been unable to keep up with the website.  It's exciting times for me and hopefully all the family as we work every weekend to prepare for continued fall harvesting of bedding material and hay for winter feed. 

Prepping of the pastures for next spring is a high priority in order to maximize next season's plant production.  We still have to decide on how each field should be used.  Hay is the easiest, but feed corn, sweet corn and soybeans are possible.  Soil tests, field slopes and drainage will ultimately determine what crops we use.  Fortunately, Jeanine H, our USDA representative has informed us that the fields consist of Lansing and Manheim soils.  Some of the most fertile dirt in the state.  So for now, we're sod busters.  Red Hand is currently more farm than ranch.  But the future of this land should involve livestock, specifically Black Angus cattle.  Time and health permitting, organic beef will become our main staple.  

Quick side bar...Ben and I were up at dawn yesterday for a trip out to Highland Lakes.  We spent the morning at the Cherry Ridge gun club.  I hadn't been up to the club since shooting there last summer.  It's a neat place with a nice club house and multiple shooting venues for all disciplines (small bore rifle, large bore rifle, pistol, shotgun (clays) and archery).  Ben took and passed all the disciplines for rifle, shotgun, muzzle loader (black powder) and bow hunting.  I completed my full hunting certification by passing bow.  Bragging alert!!!  The requirement to pass bow includes a proficiency in shooting that states 3 out of 5 shots placed in a 3D target at 18 yards.  Three shots a piece and we were off the line.  Aim small, miss small.


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