Well it has been awhile since my last post.  Amazing how little time is available to do all I would like.

Had an enjoyable trip out to South Dakota and Wyoming.  I learned a lot watching the interactions between Mr. Helm and his son-in-law Ted.  As the father-in-law of two newly acquired sons-in-law, watching the dynamics of a comfortable and respectful relationship between Mike and Ted proved very interesting to me.  Unlike your own sons, who share common values and morals from birth and who learned from your behavior, the relationship between "in-laws", especially men of a certain "rugged" and opinionated posture could get complicated.  Routine advice between a father and a son could seem like authoritative or controlling behavior to a son-in-law.  In the reverse, a son's concern for his father's well being could be interpreted as pandering or even a challenge if indelicately presented by a son-in-law.

Watching them interact with mutual respect and concern for one another was just excellent.  Hope I picked up some valuable lessons.

All told there were 8 adult males all related either by blood or marriage ... and me.  Nine men,  11-12 rifles, gallons of Royal Crown (the preferred whiskey of choice), beer, 1 pick-up, 2 SUVs, 4 hotel rooms, lots of hunting tales, irreverent humor, the Black Hills, deer, antelope and turkeys, Deadwood casinos, local bars and Chinese take-out.  Damn, when I die, this better be heaven or I'll be disappointed.

We had a successful hunt, meat for the freezer and an abundance of good times.     

12/1/2010 12:32:21 pm

Keep the posts coming...love reading them and the chronology of events are excellent. Something to refer back to.


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