Wow, already Thursday and we'll being heading up to Red Hand as soon as I finish these last few patients.

The excavation of the pond was completed last week and the natural springs have begun to fill it in.  When Jake Hilts called last Wednesday to inform me that his crew would be finishing up the next day it really got my adrenaline flowing.  What was already a full weekend of work turned into a RIDICULOUS weekend of work!

Well, with Kellen and "our" Jake both coming up, Marian and I knew we could "git 'er done".  So despite not having enough time to load some pictures of the work right now, here's what we accomplished ...

1) Pick-up and haul the Red Neck blind kit from Springfield Tractor and deliver it into the field for assembly.

2) Couple-up the trailer, head to Sangerfield, pick-up and load over 2000 lbs. of cement block and deliver to the farm for bass spawning beds. 

3) Assemble the metal framework/stantion and erect the blind in the middle pasture overlooking the Power Plant food plot. 

4) Construct 6 "Honey Hole" structure trees and strategically place on the pond bottom.

5) Using the block, 1"-3" river stone and PVC down spouts, construct 5 bass spawning beds in the "shallows" of the pond and 1 deep water bed. 

6) Construct 3 shallow water structure "bushes" placed around the shallow water bass beds to provide safety cover for the fry.

7) Fabricate a deep water structure "cave" on the pond bottom utilizing a large old wood picnic table, cement block, aluminum plates and PVC pipe for lunker bass to hang out.

8) Mark the western ATV bridge with an 8 foot 4"x4", topped with a blue bird nesting house and red reflector to improve our ability to find it in the dense brush.  Cut the overgrowth "choking" the bridge itself. 

9) Clean up all the summer's accumulated project's debris, including 8-9 wood pallets and place them into garbage piles on the driveway for future removal.    

10) Locate and clear 2 more sites for game cameras, then mount and arm the cams.

Pictures to follow after this weekend ... I hope!!!  

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