Basically headed up to the farm to accept delivery of the mattresses for the bedroom on Friday.  We bought three bedroom sets and the matresses from Sportsmen Guide.  Great prices but very rustic furnishings.  Hunting cabin stuff.  Raw cedar that you build and finish.  Made in Canada works well for our needs and our check book.
So it was a shortened weekend trip.  Because we had work in River Edge Saturday, only had Friday to work Red Hand.  Wanted to take a ride so we mounted up the mule, me and mom in the front, Dukey in the "carpeted" dump bed.  Because he slid around so much on the bed liner, I cut a plywood floor and mounted some of the old carpet we pulled out of the upstairs bedrooms onto it.  He loved it!!!  Drove up to the top meadow, around the pond and down the trail past the apple trees.  The picture on the left is what we found, exposed by the fall weather.  It's in excellent shape despite how it looks in the picture.  Simonlacaj had it draped in burlap to "camo" out the windows and the shape.  A good idea that I'll follow through with again.  It has very good shooting lines covering the deer trail that passes in front of the apple trees and leading to the pond.  So that gives us three shacks to set up in for the rifle season.  I've found the fourth site although "Lacaj" took the shack with him for his new hunting grounds.  Now all we need do is find the fifth and final location. 

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