Well a shortened weekend spent upstate but still managed to get stuff done.  Usual agenda, Thursday night at Windham, up early Friday morning and then off to Red Hand.  Tim Y and the boys are finishing up the bathroom and painting the upstairs.  Me and my better half started driving the  7' angle iron rails I ordered along the property line bordering the road.  By Saturday we posted the property completely along the roadside boundary.  We'll need to get into the upper meadows and ridge line to post that also.  But that will have to wait until the Mule is delivered to haul the posts and driver up there.

After not seeing game for the last 2 or 3 weekends seems like this weekend we hit the jackpot.  One of Tim's guys spotted deer and a coyote in our lower fields.  Late morning, Mom yelled out to look into the cut hay field and I just caught a glimpse of a big whitetail bounding into the tree line adjacent to the Barton's farm.  Nice size deer, appeared to be a doe.  So of course out come the binoculars and sure enough, within a short time, mom picks up another one in the hedge row between the lower and middle meadows.  She even has some pics of a turkey flock grazing in a green field.  

Driving up Thursday, we took a slight detour and ended up at Davis' Sports in Sloatsburg, NY.  I've been dancing back and forth with the rifle and caliber I want for the coyotes up on the property.  Narrowed it down to a Remington 700 or a Winchester 70 (or so I thought) chambered in a .223, .22-250 or a .243 Win.  Well the .243 came up the winner for a number of reasons.  Originally designed as a varmint/predator round (coyotes, bobcat, fox, etc.) it's based on a necked down .308 cartridge.  Just enough pop for bigger game (whitetails, mule deer, pronghorn, hogs, black bear and caribou) and fast, accurate, with a nice flat trajectory for predators.  My dad always speaks glowingly of his favorite rifle chambered in a .257 Roberts.  Well it's a tad too much bullet for 'yotes, fox and bobcat or I would have honored his tradition and chambered the rifle with it.  So for now it's a .243 Win mag.  But the gun!!!  Oh boy, never, never, ever pick up a Sako.  Of course I did, and once again it will cost me.  As much as I wanted to pick a classic American rifle by Remington or Winchester, you can immediately tell the difference.  The bolt throws short and easy.  The rifle shoulders fluidly.  And the 2 lbs. lighter weight make it impossible for me to pass on.  Stainless steel barrel with a dull black synthetic stock.  Being in the  Beretta family seals the deal.  

Nikon makes a nice coyote scope with a BDC (bullet drop compensation) reticle, but once again I made a fatal mistake and checked out a Trijicon.  Needless to say it's now on order.  Hell of a rig, hope to put down lots of 'yotes and more than a few deer.  So all said and done it's a Sako .243 Win, stainless/synthetic bolt action, topped with a Triji.

Caught an early dinner at Rubbin' Butts smokehouse/BBQ in Cobleskill.  Ate outside as it was a crisp, clear fall day.  The ribs were good, but the chicken was better.  Excellent whipped sweet potatos.  Worth the stop.
9/21/2010 09:28:14 am

sounds just great. when you need a camp cook call me.

9/22/2010 12:19:52 am

Cook!!! Hoping you'll help put some meat on the table. -JC


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