The past weekend was rather uneventful.  Jake needed a break for some personal time and Kellen had other obligations, so Marian and I headed up to Windham last Thursday night to straighten up after the 4th of July festivities.  In the morning, Mar cleaned up the Windham house while I worked the property.

I coupled up the flatbed trailer and then it was off to Oneonta to pick up the lumber.  I figured out that with the tailgate dropped down on the pick-up, I could stack the 16' long 4x4s on the trailer and into the truck bed.  Ratcheted tie downs kept the beams from sliding into the bed walls on turns.  The rest of the lumber fit neatly on the trailer.  A little breakfast, then over the river and through the woods to Red Hand Ranch we go.  Too bad the big bad wolf wasn't waiting on us.  He'd look good mounted on our wall.
Upon arrival, we drove across the hay field down to the new bridge.  It was not going to be possible to safely tow the trailer over the bridge without risk of getting off the stone road.  Leaving the road to swing out a wide enough turn could put me back into the mud and the last thing I wanted was a stuck truck and/or trailer with just Marian there to help.  So, I unloaded the 16 footers and concrete blocks, then back to the garage to unload and store the rest of the lumber and the generator.

As I unloaded, Marian couldn't stop herself from cleaning up the house.  She's a trooper considering her injury.  She's also a stickler about the place even though me and the boys tell her it's just a "hunting camp".  She still insists on keeping it all real nice.  The stone work is all finished on the fireplace, the flat screen installed  and the garbage compactor in place.  Some minor loose ends that I need to get on the contractor to finish up and we're finally done.  Can't wait to head up this weekend and after working on building the elevated deer stand, relaxing in our new living room, watching some DVDs.

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