After a couple of "off" weekends we were able to get back to Red Hand just before we're gone again for 2 weeks in Lake George.

What kept us away was the opportunity to get caught up with old friends who we haven't seen in over 20 years.  Funny how life does that to ya.  You're so busy raising kids that friendships are put on hold.  Seeing them again made for one of those truly memorable weekends.  We're hoping to continue sharing some quality time together.

Anyway, the 2012 summer work at the ranch is coming to a close.  And what a stellar summer it was.  If I would have laid out all the work we hoped to accomplished on a spread sheet, I would have gladly signed up to complete 1/2 of it.  Well you guessed it, we got ALL of it and then some done.  Like the country song says ... "I've got friends with tractors".  With the help of family and our country neighbors and friends ( who showed up with a lot more than just tractors) the ranch property has become even more beautiful and scenic then when we purchased it ... AND ... we're ready to hunt. 

We now have 4 excellent stands ready for the early opening of bow season.  Each will overlook frequently accessed travel trails, fields and food plots.  We have been seeing deer every evening in the 3 visible locations.  The plateau tree stand is not visible from the house even with long range optics.

The Red Neck Blind, overlooking our 1st annual planting, has already been discussed in the Project Updates section.  The 3 new stands will soon be added to Project Updates, check there for additional info.   
8/5/2012 10:43:43 am

I am so pumped about the setups we're going to have this year. I feel confident almost guaranteeing that the Graveyard treestand and Cloverfield platform will produce a bow kill and the Redneck Blind, the Skybox Blind, and the Pine Treestand will produce excellent rifle opportunities. I am so giddy for opening day it's unreal. We worked our asses off, let's hope it pays off.

8/5/2012 10:00:07 pm

AGREED! The count down to opening day has begun. After studying the property for over two years now I feel we have a good handle on plantings, trails and how to hunt them. While there's still more we can due in the future, we should have a good year.


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