Now mind you, it's not a complaint.  Just a statement of fact.  Wanted to hunt the property this past weekend (bow season), but there is still a lot of work to get done.  So we drove up to Herkimer to shop the Walmart for curtain rods and house supplies.  Hit Herb Philipson's Army-Navy store while we were up there.  Great place to shop for the local atmosphere.  Speaking of local atmosphere, we ate at Crazy Otto's Empire Diner.  Old school "silver bullet" trailer for a building.  Decorated with car license plates from around the country, die cast model cars and other nostalgia, including music from the '50s.  Had an excellent "beef" omelet, classic food for the area.

Saw more turkeys, same basic location.  They were out in a cut field and decided to take flight.  To look at them you would figure they're not too aerodynamic.  But man, they get airborne pretty quick and for a short distance they are impressive aerialists.  Given their body shape, they are more of a "ground" bird.  Their "flying" is quite different from other birds.  They are more like guided missiles, heading straight towards their destination.  No "cruising" around.  Just a direct line from point A to point B with minimal height from ground level.  Highly efficient mode of transportation.     

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